Qualitative Face Fit Testing Kit (Qty 1)

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Manufacturer: Easimask
Manufacturer Part Number: IND-119-0003
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Qualitative Face Fit Testing Kit X Pack of 1
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Qualitative Fit Test Kit for use with tight fitting respirators, with the exception of full face masks. The easimask® Bitrex® fit test kit is a uses the harmless bitter taste of Bitrex® to determine if a tight tting single use or half mask respirator has achieved an adequate fit. Qualitative Fit Testing not only ensures correct fitting but also trains the user in the correct procedure to wear the mask avoiding poor fitting. The Qualitative Fit Testing Kit employs a hood to create a small test chamber around the users head, and a test solution. This test solution has a bitter taste. It is the same type of solution that is put on childrens toys and fingernails to stop them chewing them. The test uses two consumable parts and is designed to be carried out by the employer, providing an effective solution for assessing the ability of the selected Respiratory Protective Equipment and the training given to protect the employee. The Test Kit Consists of:

  • Fit Testing Hood
  • Fit Test Test Solution (6)
  • Sensitivity Test Solution (6)
  • Nebuliser (Pair)

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