Professional Asbestos Masks

After extensive research with users and industry specifiers the Phantom Vision was introduced to the market specifically to enhance and improve the experience of powered respirator users.  Scott Safety has provided the products of choice in the asbestos removal and nuclear power industries for over 20 years. Now Phantom Vision has evolved from continued research and collaboration to meet and exceed the increasingly demanding needs, not only of these industries but anywhere full facemask protection is required.

- Phantom Vision can continue operating while the wearer uses a decontamination shower.

- Even the exhale valve cover has been re-designed specifically to avoid trapping fibres or particles, and to direct shower water away from the valve.

- After use it is quick and easy to disassemble for further cleaning. All parts are wipe clean or washable, and re-assembly is just as straightforward.

- Phantom Vision is supplied in a sturdy re-useable carry case to keep it clean and safe during transit and storage.

HSE guidance states that it is a legal requirement to be fit tested for any tight fitting face piece.  Fit testing is make and model specific so if you change your respirator to a different make or model, you will need to be re fit tested.

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