Please view our frequently asked questions regarding RPE below.

What is RPE?

Respiratory Protective Equipment ( RPE) are devices that protect the wearer from airborne particle hazards, chemical gases and vapours.

What are the regulations for RPE?

There are various regulations that surround the testing and use of respiratory protective equipment ( RPE) they are : HSE, COSHH, CLAW & CAR

What is a fit test?

A fit test is a method of testing a mask whilst the on the user to ensure that the device works and protects against a hazard.

Why Do I Need Fit Testing?

A fit test is required to ensure that the mask fits correctly and protects the individuals health

When Do I need to be Fit Tested?

You need to be fit tested before you wear the mask for the first time this is ensure that it is safe to wear the mask. It is good practice to be re tested on a regular basis.

Can I wear a tight fitting mask with facial hair?

No, HSE advise that you need to be clean shaven on the day of a test and every time you wear a mask.

Do I need different filters for different hazards?

Yes, you need to establish the hazard (gas, particle or vapour) before you select the filter. There are numerous different filters available that work differently to protect against a specific hazard, you should seek expert advice when selecting filters.

What is a tight fitting face piece?

A tight fitting face piece is a device that relies on a tight seal around the face to ensure that no hazard can enter the mask. It is a legal requirement that all tight fitting masks, Single use, half face and full face masks need to be fit tested.

What is a qualitative fit test?

A qualitative fit test is a two part method of testing that involves the hood system. A bitter or sweet solution is used to determine whether an adequate seal can be achieved with a tight fitting mask.

What is a quantitive fit test?

A quantitive fit test is a method of testing a tight fitting mask using a Portacount machine where the particles are measured on the inside and outside of the mask.

What is a Portacount Machine?

The Portacount device is a tool that measure particle levels inside and outside the mask to ascertain whether there is a tight fit around the seal area of the mask.

Can I wear a mask without fit testing?

Yes, you can wear a loose fitting powered air hood without a fit test as this does not rely on a tight seal around the face.